Pops Jones Music and Web Design

I am a simple man who has a passion for all things creative. Art appreciator, music afficionado, singer-songwriter, web developer

Over the span of 40+ years, I have seen music styles come and go.

The thing that has remained constant is the human connection to music - its essential nature in bringing people together.

So what does music and web design have in common? A song is quite similar to music, isn't it? For a start, a song is a collection of notes (code), styles (blues, rock, jazz), images (imagery is essential in a great song), and tools of interaction (engaging the audience at a deep level). Most important for determining the greatness of a song is how the listener feels and how a song may be thought-provoking.

Looking for music for your event or venue? Check out my bookings page. Need quality web design at reasonable prices? Go here. Or, just come see me at a show!