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A Brief History

Welcome to my website - I have created this site to honor my love and passion for music and entertainment. Born during the turbulent 60s in Detroit, Michigan, I grew up listening to all kinds of music from protest songs to acid rock to motown. Turning on the AM radio in my father's '66 Beetle was a higher priority than fastening seatbelts. Upon arriving home, the stereo went on, the turntable blasting out some of the era's best music any time of the day or night (when there wasn't a Tiger's game on). Music formed a crucial backdrop for my life throughout my childhood. As a teen, I got an acoustic guitar for my birthday. After locking myself in my room for what seemed like months, I taught myself to play. By the age of 16, I was trying my hand at writing songs. Music remains an integral part of my life, and has saved my life on more than one occasion.

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Music Info

Some of my first songs were influenced by my early childhood. “This Is Not A Test” tells the tale of growing up in the shadow of certain nuclear destruction. As a child, we would have “Air Raid Drills” in school, and all move to a center hallway and cover our heads. Once I was old enough to understand what nuclear war would look like, it became morbidly comical to me that we would cover our heads as if that would save us from The Bomb. More recently, Revolution speaks to the genuine distrust of a corrupt government system that serves primarily the wealthy and powerful, infringing on the rights and wellbeing of the general populace. April in the D is a tribute song honoring Detroit sports, referencing the one and only Woodward Ave that runs through my beloved city.

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Band History

In the recent past, you could have found me fronting the band Salter. I consider myself blessed to have performed with some of the most amazing musicians in the area! Salter played shows in Detroit, Riverview, Flint, Oxford, Lake Orion, Metamora, Columbiaville, Owosso, Davison, Durand, and points in between. Our labor of love was the album Revolution, released in 2013, which can be found at CD Baby or on iTunes. Give it a listen, we are grateful to you for doing so. You can pick one up at these digital outlets, or better yet, see me at a show - I know the primary songwriter really well, pretty sure I can get you a discount :)

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